Kingdom of Dorothell is nation currently ruled by King Barleofu of House Olphin. It is located in the continent of Eliond. Founded in 162AN by a group of settlers sent by Wizard Beornba to establish a safe storage for the most ancient of Eliond's books, Dorothell quickly established its place in a world of trade. The population of Dorothell is over 151,203,600 people, with the size reaching 1,890,045 square miles. Dorothell's largest and capital city is Caford.

Court of Dorothell Edit

Dorothell is currently being ruled by King Barleofu since 3713AN, when the previous king, Ethelgard II of House Vyne died after being stabbed in a heart by an assassin in the streets of Caford. Barleofu was the next king in the line of succession, due to no claims existing in House Vyne.

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History of Kings Edit